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Here at LPB, we help homeowners sell their property fast. If it’s your first time choosing LPB, you’re likely to have a bunch of questions. Discover the ins and outs of selling with us below.

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Q: Tell me simply. How does this work?

A: It could not be simpler. You make contact with us and we will ask you a few basic questions about you and your property. Once we have this information, we put all this info into our high end property valuation software along with manual checking of similar properties in your street/area. This will generate us an accurate current value of your property given all known factors. 
We will then make you a verbal cash offer to purchase your property. If you are happy with this figure in principle, we will come to visit you and your property for a quick look and if what you have told us about the property is correct, we will then make you a formal offer to purchase. If you are still sure you want to proceed we will have you sign our very simple paperwork, then the purchasing process will begin as per a normal purchase, only a lot quicker.
You can expect completion in 2 to 3 weeks, or if you need more time to move please let us know. All our business is conducted through highly skilled and efficient specialist property solicitors.

Q: What fees will I have to pay?

A: Normally none at all. We will take care of this for you if you like. We have a team of experienced professional Law Society of Scotland property solicitors who will handle everything for you working to the strictest code of ethics and integrity. You can of course use your own solicitor, but you will need to fund this yourself normally.
There are of course no Estate Agency fees whatsoever.

Q: In what areas do you buy property?

A: Our main radius is in and around East, West and Mid Lothian but will consider property all over mainland Scotland.

Q: My property is in poor condition. Is that a problem?

A: Absolutely not. Whether its derelict or a palace its no issue to us, however you may receive a lower offer to reflect the cost of us having to carry out repair works.

Q: I am in serious arrears with my mortgage. Can you stop a repossession?

A: Our experienced professional property solicitors are the best in the business and will stop the vast majority of reposessions in their tracks, allowing you to sell us your home. You DO NOT want a repossession on your credit file.

Q: How quickly will I get my offer from you? I need to sell urgently.

A: Within 24 Hours. Every time. No exceptions.

Q: How long will it take me to get money in my bank after we agree a sale?

A: We act very quickly. The agreed offer will be sent to your solicitor on same day (We will set up a solicitor for you). Once you tell him to accept this, you can expect payment in 7 to 14 days.

Q: How can you buy and complete on my house so quickly?

A: We are property professionals. We have a highly efficient team of solicitors who only work in the fast property purchase space, who understand the concept and who do conveyancing all day every day. Our special relationship with these property professions ensures us a first rate service, and fully understand that both ourselves, and you our client need to move quickly.

Q: I have a couple of secured loans on my property. Is this a problem? What should I do?

A: You don’t need to do a thing. Your solicitor we provide for you will be aware of these and these will be paid off from the purchase amount paid by us. You will receive the balance after any mortgages and secured loans are paid off in full.

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