Quick house sales for landlords

Quick house sales for landlords

Quick house sales for landlords

One of the areas that Lothian Property Buyers specialise in is quick house sales for landlords.

There might be any number of reasons why you need to sell a house as a landlord and our aim is to make it quick and easy.

Strategic change

If you have a sizeable property portfolio then it may well be that you want to rebalance it.

A good example is when we had a landlord that bought a parcel of properties from a colleague with a couple of houses that were slightly out of their area.

They wanted to shed the two properties with the minimum of fuss and frankly, didn’t want to travel several hours to manage the sale.

Another of our sellers really only liked houses of a certain value with 2 or three bedrooms so they asked us to buy a flat that they acquired and a larger house that was too big for their normal tenants.

Are you an accidental landlord?

It’s becoming more common that people get together when both of them already own their own property.

Often they decide to rent out one property (usually a flat oddly enough) and then live in the larger family house.

In a similar way, sometimes people inherit a property and feel that the easy way to deal with it is to rent it out.

When this happens they kind of become accidental landlords and often their hearts just aren’t in it.

After a couple of troublesome lets, they decide to move the property on and turn to us.

Liquidating assets

As a landlord, it may be that you want to turn your assets into cash.

From a strategic point of view, you may have another opportunity that you want to pursue and so need access to funds quickly.

Alternatively, maybe some of your portfolio is locked into high-interest deals and you want to shed them.

You may find yourself with a property that, for whatever reason has been historically difficult to let. Sometimes there’s a good cause but occasionally it can seem to be for no reason whatsoever.

Either way, we’re able to help you move the property on.

Some landlords find themselves highly leveraged with high LTV loans on the whole portfolio and as soon as they suffer a period of vacancy need to find cash as working capital.

How Lothian Property can help

Lothian are specialist property buyers who regularly work with landlords on turning their unwanted properties into ready cash.

Our quick sale process can go from enquiry to completion (and cash in your account) in as little as ten days and will cost you nothing in fees. Contact us now to discuss how we can get you cash for your property quick.

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