Lothian can help buy your repossessed house quick

When your house is being repossessed it can be a really stressful time.

As if it isn’t enough that your house is going to be taken, there’s the issue with your credit file and having no cash to find another place to live

The good news is that Lothian property buyers can help.

We can give you cash for your property – even if it is being repossessed and you can move on with your life.


Cash for your house - even if it is being repossessed

One of the main problems when selling your house when it is under threat of repossession is that lack of time.

It depends upon where you are in the process but you could find yourself needing to do something very quickly indeed to stop any action that your bank or building society will bring.

The second problem is that when you sell your house you’ll need to admit to the buyers that it is the subject of repossession proceedings and this can cause all sorts of issues.

And if your house does get repossessed then you’ll find yourself with a big black mark on your credit file.

It can certainly feel like the world is against you!


Lothian are on your side

The good thing about dealing with Lothian is that our process is totally confidential.

Nobody needs to know that your house is being sold and your neighbours certainly won’t find out anything about any repossession proceedings.

Another valuable aspect of our quick house buying service that people tell us they really love is that we will deal directly with your mortgage lenders.

We know it can be stressful talking to people who want their money and we take all of that away when we communicate directly.

Well speak with them, let them know that we are buying your house and, because they know that you are dealing with trade buyers will more than likely stop all proceedings against you whilst the sale goes ahead.

We’ll pay them directly and then send the balance on to you to allow you to start again.

it really couldn’t be easier.

Super quick property sale to stop your repossession

Our buyers are often amazed to find that the sale process can be completed within as little as ten days!

But that’s not the only reason that people really value our service.

The really great news is that there are no upfront fees to pay!

That’s right, we take care of all the fees, you don’t even have to pay your solicitor.

All you need to do is sort out your packing and let us get on with the paperwork.

It really couldn’t be simpler.

Call Lothian now

We know it’s sometimes a bit worrying when you have to call companies you don’t know but you shouldn’t be concerned.

Our customers tell us that we’re friendly and approachable and we promise there really is no hard sell.

We’re happy to just go through the options and process with you and then let you take your time to make up your mind.

Contact us now and let’s have that chat!