To do list for selling your house quickly

To do list for selling your house quickly

Quick property sales, as the name suggests can happen really quickly, so if you are thinking of selling your home to us then here’s a list of things we suggest you’ll need to do.

#1 Rent or buy

Some people don’t actually need to find somewhere else to lilve when they sell to us.

Sometimes they are a landlord selling an unwanted rental property, sometimes they are an executor of a will or maybe they already have somewhere to live.

but if you aren’t in these categories then you’ll need to find somewhere to go so you’ll need to decide whether to buy or to rent.

Typically people will decide to rent short-term and then buy later because then they are cash buyers and will be in a stronger bargaining position.

#2 Figure out the money

Not everyone’s cup of tea but now that you have an offer for your house (and you know there won’t be any hidden fees) you can work out your finances.

Think about how much it is going to cost to move, what new things you’ll need to buy etc.

If you are going to have money over from the sale then it’s always a good idea to think about where you will put your cash windfall and we’d suggest talking to a tax advisor about any tax implications of your investment.

#3 De clutter

De cluttering is an exceptionally cleansing thing to do.

Getting rid of all those things you were saving because they might come in hand one day is incredibly liberating.

Be ruthless though. After all, you don’t want to find yourself sitting in your new home wondering why you brought that ornament that you’ve never really liked!

You need to get this done quickly so a car boot can be an excellent way to dispose of unwanted but still useable items – it can be a handy dollop of cash too!

Hiring a van for a couple of days makes sense because you can fill it with your sale items and do a boot sale on the weekend and then nip to the dump with the less desirable stuff afterwards.

Make sure you hire over the weekend because it’s cheaper than during the week.

#4 Contact your utility suppliers

Let the gas, electricity and water know you are leaving.

If you’re going to a property in the local area then you may be able to transfer over your accounts or alternatively you’ll need to find new suppliers out of area.

You’ll also need to contact your phone and cable suppliers if you have them and the local council for your council tax.

#5 Decide whether to move yourself or use experts

Lots of people nowadays move themselves.

Van hire is much more reasonably priced and if you have a load of helpful friends and relations then it can be cheap with just a few pizzas and a couple of pints needed to oil the wheels.

If you don’t have that luxury then you’ll need to shop around for the best deal.

It may be that you aren’t moving into a new property (many of our customers are moving abroad with their jobs) so you will want to think about some storage options for stuff you want to keep.

Again make sure you shop around although often movers will have package deals they can do for you.

If you want more advice on how to choose a mover then Which have a great guide here

#6 Let people know

There are a bunch of people you’ll need to tell about your move.

If you have children then you will need to inform their school about the move (and potentially find a new school if you are moving out of area).

You’ll also need to talk to the doctors, dentists and any other healthcare professionals you deal with.

You may well need to tell HMRC, especially if you are self-employed or the benefits office and these can be done online.

You will no doubt have a load of official documents like driving licence and passports that will need to have the address changed but this can be put off until you are sitting in your new front room.

It’s always a good idea to have a template email to send out to organisations that need to know and of course, don’t forget your friends and relations!

Get some hand postcards made up with your new address on and you never know it may end up spurring people to send you a housewarming gift!

#7 Think about the practicalities

Run down your stock of food, after all, tins and bags are heavy so if you don’t need to take them then why bother?

Also, run down the food in your freezer prior to defrosting.

Professional movers hate dealing with pot plants so give them away if you can bear to part with them.

You also need to be aware of the stress that a moving day can have on pets. So if you have them then try and find a place that they can lodge for the day or even book them into kennels until you get straight.

#8 gumtree is your friend

Get an account on Gumtree if you haven’t already and post up all the stuff you want to get rid of but aren’t going to charge for.

It’s a great feeling knowing that things aren’t going to the dump but will find a new life with someone who will value them

#9 Collect boxes like they are going out of fashion.

Often you will find that businesses are only too happy to let you have their boxes so scout around.

Find boxes that are sturdy and big enough to hold stuff but that won’t weigh an absolute ton when filled.

Also, think about packing materials like bubblewrap or blankets, again Gumtree can be your friend here.

#10 Pack your essentials box

Make sure that the last thing that goes on to your van (so it’s the first thing out) is your essentials box.

Fill it with the stuff you are going to need first like cleaning materials, toilet roll and of course the kettle and teapot (don’t forget the tea bags)

So that’s our to-do list.

The good thing about selling using our quick sale process is that you don’t need to have a clean down of the house when you leave, just collect the keys to hand over to us and then walk away.

Job done!

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