Lothian quick property sales

What are the benefits of a quick property sale?

There are some key features that make a quick property sale different from a normal estate agency sale in the UK.

We’ve listed the main differences here which should give you a good guide as to whether a quick property sale is the right way to go for you.

#1 They are quick

Ok so we know this is kind of obvious but actually people are constantly surprised just how quick they can be.

Lothian can potentially go from enquiry to exchange within 10 days for example.

Contrast that with the 9 months we often see usually.

#2 No upfront fees

When you are trying to sell your property then you often find that there are fees to pay upfront.

Depending upon your estate agent you may need to pay a deposit, a contribution to advertising or pay them upfront whether they sell the house or not!

We don’t charge any upfront fees and you won’t even have to pay for an EPC, we’ll do it all for you.

#3 No estate agents fees

Again another obvious one but worth stating as estate agents fees can certainly be hefty.

With Lothian’s quick property sale service there is no estate agent so no fees.

#4 No need to spruce up your property

Lothian are selling to trade buyers and they really don’t care if you have last year’s wallpaper designs.

They expect to have to do work to the property and they are experts in doing so.

This means that you can sell without spending too much time at your local DIY store!

#5 No fuss sale process

Imagine selling your house without having people trooping round your front room.

No messing about with offer and counter offer, no brinkmanship, no pulling out at the last minute or waiting for the chain to complete

With a quick sale process there is no chain and you are dealing with professionals who give you a price and stick to it!

#6 Very little admin

With Lothian’s quick property sale service there really is very little admin for the seller.

Naturally there will be a contract to sign and we’ll ask a few questions but other than that there isn’t a lot else to do.

We’ll even deal directly with your building society and send final readings into your utility suppliers

#7 Dealing with the buyer directly

One of the biggest frustrations that people express about selling their house is that often then never actually get to talk to the buyer directly.

everything has to go through the estate agent or solicitor which adds to the time it takes, can cause confusion and certainly increases frustration.

With Lothian you’ll have a dedicated point of contact so you can discuss any issues with the buyer directly

#8 It's a guaranteed sale

Did you know that it is estimated that 33% of estate agency sales fall through?

Once you have your offer from Lothian we won’t pull out.

Having the peace of mind that your sale is settled means that you can carry on and plan your next steps.

Call Lothian now

We know it’s sometimes a bit worrying when you have to call companies you don’t know but you shouldn’t be concerned.

Our customers tell us that we’re friendly and approachable and we promise there really is no hard sell.

We’re happy to just go through the options and process with you and then let you take your time to make up your mind.

Contact us now and let’s have that chat!